The Integrated eCommerce Merchant Solution

Automated eMail Marketing

The prevailing wisdom of the marketing world states, “The money is in your list.”

Indeed, your opt-in subscribers hold the gold that is yours, and – since sales experience shows most prospects make their buying decisions on the 5th or thereafter contact – you want an automated, smart, personalizable sequence of persuasive emails going to your hot prospects.

Now is the time to start building your list. Whether you want to create an opt-in box to capture leads for your newsletter, autoresponder series or to create a consumer survey, our “point & click” web form generator and survey software makes it EZ. Double or single opt-in options.

With a list you can literally create money on demand. Offer sales on overstocks, clearances, or events, and let the money roll in.

You can send an unlimited number of messages to an unlimited number of people at no additional cost other than your monthly subscription. Compare that with the postal system.

AutoPilotRiches makes managing, organizing, importing, exporting, backing up your database – your most valuable business asset EZ. And, importantly, it’s secure.

AutoPilotRiches is and will always be compliant with all international regulations, including CAN-SPAM and Canadian legislation.

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