The Integrated eCommerce Merchant Solution


The Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is AutoPilotRiches?

Auto Pilot Riches is an integrated e-commerce system and an automated marketing optimization machine.

As an integrated shopping cart / ecommerce system it has every tool any marketer needs to transact business on the web, to take orders, to bill recurring orders, to interface with membership software, to send personalized emails on a schedule with autoresponders, provide customer receipts, and much, much more.

You don’t need anything other than a website, a product or service to sell, and a bank account that AutoPilotRiches makes your automated deposits to.

AutoPilotRiches is simultaneously an automated marketing machine. It offers one-click upsales, builds and nurtures your database on autopilot with online forms made in templates, handles digital deliveries, manages your affiliate network, and much, much more.


2. Who needs AutoPilotRiches?

Anyone with a blog or website who is selling a product. You can sell products and get paid. You build your database, reply to customer inquiries, process orders, and fulfill product, all automatically. The money is deposited automatically into your bank account.

Pieces of a system like this are available in other places, Auto Pilot Riches integrates all aspects of a functional and advanced marketing e-commerce system at a streamlined price.


3. Is Auto Pilot Riches Newbie-friendly?

And aren’t you glad it is. The entire process of getting your account up and running is simple fill-in the blanks. There’s no complicated programming. You can be up and running in minutes.

Further, as soon as you sign up for an account, you have other resources in your hands.

It’s an easy non technical setup, AND you get free account setup assistance. Just call during business hours.

As well there’s the online support area which offers training and troubleshooting including,

  1. Online User Guide
  2. Video Tutorials
  3. Live chat with customer support
  4. Case open/close support system
  5. Email support
  6. Live telephone support

Need help making your decision? The phone lines are open. Call us 10am – 8pm EST at:


or +1-705-792-1961


4. What packages are available? offers 4 separate packages with features tailored to the specific needs of all types of businesses:

  1. Autoresponder Package
  2. Starter Package
  3. Basic Package
  4. Professional Package

Click here to compare packages and prices.


5. What credit cards does AutoPilotRiches support?

Auto Pilot Riches is compatible with 60+ major online credit card processors and gateways worldwide, including PayPal.


Further, there’s multiple shipping options integrated into the checkout process.

We’ll assist you at no charge through these basic but essential processes.


6. Will you contact my customers?

Auto Pilot Riches offers you a sophisticated, automated, secure system to grow and run your online business. We would no more contact your customers than your bank would.


7. Can I use AutoPilotRiches for more than one website?
Integrated Marketing Synergy

Integrated Marketing Synergy

Yes, you may. Auto Pilot Riches supports an unlimited number of your websites, autoresponders, messages, and allows for an unlimited amount of traffic and processing. This is the reason the pros use

AutoPilotRiches will serve your needs as a startup or small firm, and it will serve you as you grow as large as you want to grow.


<a name=”affiliate”></a>8. Does AutoPilotRiches offer an Affiliate system I can use to sell my products?

Smart thinking! Imagine if you could engage a loyal army of affiliate partners selling your products and services on your behalf, and you never pay them until AFTER they produce sales… That’s what an affiliate program does. (Also referred to as an associate program.)

Yes, it does have such a system. The Autopilot Riches Affiliate module – which comes in the Professional Package – is your secret to selling more products and services than you ever dreamed was possible.

It’s what drove to its billion dollar status, after all.

The Autopilot Riches’ Affiliate module features:

  • Real-time reporting for you and your affiliates
  • Pay by product/affiliate/sales/clicks/leads
  • Single or two-tiered commissions
  • Recurring commissions support
  • Customize commission rate for each affiliate
  • Custom destination URL for each affiliate
  • Auto-generation of banner link codes
  • Customize affiliate pages and emails
  • Send unlimited email broadcasts to your affiliates
  • Pay affiliate with PayPal option
  • Export affiliate commissions to QuickBooks
  • Credit affiliates for offline sales
  • Turn on/off sale notification message to affiliate
  • Control email messages to new affiliates
  • Affiliate interface customization
  • Support for multiple websites
  • And much, much more…

If you’ve ever wondered how to boost your sales and profits, then check out the AutoPilotRiches Affiliate module.


9. Can I customize the look & feel of the shopping cart to look like my site?

Yes, you can. All the data is secure and fitted into AutoPilotRiches template operating forms, but you can add images, color, descriptions, at the top, at the bottom, and various other things. No surfer needs ever know they’ve left your site and transferred to the powerful AutoPilotRiches servers behind the scenes.

10. How secure is my customers’ data?

Fort Knox couldn’t be more secure. In addition to complying with a host of international regulations that safeguard users’ information, AutoPilotRiches a fully redundant system from a secure compound for their physical servers. AutoPilotRiches will always place the user’s security and confidentiality first – more than the law requires.

As well, ensures you’re compliant with best practices in email compliance and the all important pro-active permission to charge the card (and protect your profits).


11. What kind of support is available with AutoPilotRiches?

You will find fast, friendly, live, competent support. There’s an online support area offering training and troubleshooting including…

  1. Online User Guide
  2. Video Tutorials
  3. Live chat with customer support
  4. Case open/close support system
  5. Email support
  6. Live telephone support

If you have any questions or concerns before you start your free trial, you can test us out at:

Sales/Support : +1-888-792-1961 or +1-705-792-1961

10am – 8pm EST
3pm – 1am UK
12pm – 10am AUS (Sydney)

Sales Email:

Billing Email:


12. What if I don’t like AutoPilotRiches?

Your satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed; if you don’t like it, you get all your money back. Period.

Further, remember you also have the option to take the free 28 day trial of the Pro package – so you can test things out for free! There’s no contracts, no obligations, no penalties; you can cancel at any time.


Test Drive AutoPilotRiches Now


13. Can I resell Auto Pilot Riches as an affiliate and make a commission?

Yes, you can, and you get a generous 20% commission. Not only that, it’s the sweetest kind of income – automatic, recurring, residual income every month as long as your referrals use the system.

Click here to join the AutoPilotRiches affiliate program.


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