The Integrated eCommerce Merchant Solution

Integrated Marketing Synergy

Experienced marketers know that optimizing marketing efforts involves numerous moving parts. Some of them learned the hard way, buying pieces here and there and expecting them to work. But do they work together??

Most new internet merchants know they need a shopping cart. Once they find out that they can make a lot more money by servicing the purchaser and that every time they send a broadcast to their list they make money, they wake to the fact they need a way to set up automated email communications.

But that’s really only the beginning.

The absolute greatest feature of AutoPilotRiches is not found in the fact that all the features and tools a merchant could possibly need to thrive on the internet are part of the system. Truth be known, if money and time were not important, you could find a certain number of the features elsewhere.

But, if they’re not talking to each other, and boosting each others’ efforts, then all you have is a very expensive group of pieces that require a lot of human management.

Integrated Marketing Synergy

Integrated Marketing Synergy

One for instance: There are stand alone autoresponders available. An autoresponder allows you to create an opt-in form. Then, once someone signs up, you then send them a sequence of emails (that you wrote once, but that work for every contact). So far, so good.

But what happens after the prospect, convinced by your pretty, professional, and persuasive email messages, makes that purchase? Unless you have an autoresponder that is integrated with your shopping cart, they keep getting the “buy” messages. The messages molest them; they are then called spam.

That can quickly turn a happy customer into someone who thinks you’re stupid and who never wants to do business with you again.

With an integrated system, however, you can unsubscribe them from the “prospect” sequence, and automatically, hands-off, re-subscribe them to an “upgrade” sequence of emails.

And you make a lot more money.

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